5 Ways To Set Your Teen Up For Success During The Summer

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So much can be accomplished during the short window of time we call summer. It’s right around the corner and there are countless opportunities for your teen to take advantage of, most of which can contribute to their ongoing success. Summer opportunities come in all shapes and sizes, but here are a few in particular that might spark the interest of your teen.

Summer Job - In my opinion a summer job is a total win-win situation. It’s a great way for your teen to stay busy, meet new people and earn some money. A summer job will help your teen build their resume for college applications and future job applications. This is also an opportunity for you to teach them about the purpose of saving and how to budget. Allow your teen to use some of their hard-earned money to purchase their back-to-school supplies or clothes. Who’s hiring? Retail stores, fast-food restaurants and summer camps, or your teen can create their own start-up business.

Volunteer - Volunteer opportunities are endless and have tremendous benefits. I encourage students to volunteer in the field they plan on pursuing when going to college. Volunteering gives students the exposure and community service hours often needed for graduation and can help win scholarships. When students volunteer, not only are they giving back to their community, but it opens doors for networking, gaining exposure and doing something they may have never done before. Where do I volunteer? First, identify if there’s an opportunity to volunteer in an area that is closest to the one they may be considering to pursue as an undergrad. This could also help your teen if they have no clue what to do after high school. If not, check with local churches, daycares, zoos, hospitals and non-profit organizations.


Scholarship & College Search - It’s never too early to start. In fact, there are scholarships available to students starting as early as middle school. Half the battle is just finding the right scholarship. The summer is a great time to start researching for the scholarships your teen can apply for now and save the ones they want to apply for in the future. There’s also a right way to apply for scholarships, and that requires research too if your teen is new to the scholarship application process. Start looking at colleges and researching what makes a good college according to you and your teen. Look at the demographics, class size, cost of tuition, location and available majors. There’s many options, where do I start my search? www.collegeboard.org and www.scholarships.com, and you can also check with your child’s school counselor for additional resources.

Dual Enrollment - Dual-enrollment classes enable high school students (and in some cases middle school students) to take classes at a local college—and potentially earn college credit. Your teen will experience what it’s like to be a college student and take classes that are not offered at their high school. College credits are earned while in high school, which will help your teen graduate from college on time or even early. Families are saving money by encouraging their teens to participate in dual enrollment. Speak to your child’s school counselor early so your teen doesn’t miss out on this awesome opportunity!

Internship - Internships are no longer just for college students. High school students are taking advantage of this opportunity and it’s opening doors to additional opportunities. Internships are the best way to gain insight into and hands-on experience in a field your teen is determined to enter or might still be unsure about. Some interns actually get paid while they learn. Start researching early before all the great opportunities are gone! Where can I find an internship opportunity? www.internships.com/high-school, and you can also check with your child’s school counselor for additional resources.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Talk with your son or daughter today and take the steps to set your teen up for success!

Rockell Bartoli is a professional speaker, author & student success coach for teens and young adults. If you need help getting your teen on track and positioned for success click here or follow Rockell on Instagram http://bit.ly/RockellsInstagram/Facebook http://bit.ly/RockellsFacebook