Presentation for First Year Experience or Orientation


How to Graduate From College Without Life Getting In The Way

It's no secret that students are not graduating from college at a rate that we'd all like to see. Too many students are dropping out or taking six plus years to graduate from a four-year program.

How do we help students to avoid the "start and stop" syndrome? This presentation teaches students how to complete their college program even when life gets in the way, money is tight and they don't feel academically prepared.

Students will learn what it takes to persist, be resourceful and overcome the obstacles that will get in their way as they navigate through college.


Students leave this program:

  • Knowing how to use this one thing that'll support their efforts to reach their goals

  • Discovering how to bounce back and move forward quickly when life throws them a curve ball

  • Learning what to do when one of these top factors hinder them from graduating

  • Understanding why successful "goal-getters" practice this and how your students can implement it immediately

Your first year and returning students will be impacted by this action specific, high energy presentation. Your students will leave prepared to overcome challenges and ready to reach their goals with the right tools in hand.


Presentation for Emerging and Current Leaders

Stepping into Your Role of Leadership

Becoming a leader can be both rewarding and challenging at the same time, especially if you've never been a leader before. "Me, the president... no way," is probably the thought running across the minds of many students as they are encouraged to engage on campus and take on leadership roles.
A combination of fear and self-doubt can turn any student away from taking on the role of leadership. This presentation mentally prepares them to take action and lead with a passion and a purpose, to reap the benefits of intentional leadership while making a positive impact on their school, relationships and career.

Students will walk away:

  • Knowing the most important step in becoming an intentional leader

  • Discovering the exact steps to overcoming the fear and self-doubt associated with leadership

  • Learning the formula to balancing it all and avoiding collegiate over-involvement burn out

  • Knowing how to identify and replace the most undesirable traits with the most effective leadership traits

This is an absolute must for any student who wants to become a leader but doesn't know where to start, and also for current leaders feeling overwhelmed and unhappy in their current role. Allow your students to be encouraged and driven to take action after experiencing a mindset shift and receiving practical tips they can apply immediately.