Assemblies for Middle & High School


 How To Be Successful Even When The Odds Are Against You

How can I possibly think about success when everything around me says I’m going to fail? Many students are struggling to find the answer or may have given up on trying to find one. It can be discouraging to think about the future and success when school, family, friends and life all feel like a complete failure.


When students are unable to see past their current situation it can lead to fear and them giving up. This presentation equips them with a blueprint to follow in order to beat the odds and push them forward towards reaching their goals and creating their own success.

Students will learn the life skills needed to adapt, reach out and overcome the obstacles that will get in their way as they navigate through school and life.


Students will walk away discovering:

  • The single most important thing to having long-term success

  • The most effective way to reach their goals

  • The exact steps to take to position themselves for success

  • What they need to do right now to create a solid foundation to achieve and succeed in school and life


 Using Social Media Can Position You For Success


Students everywhere are enjoying the benefits of using social media, until they make that one decision that can't be erased or could cost them admission into their dream college. How much do your students know about navigating social media as a tool for success and staying away from a social media mishap?

Students need to be aware that social media is a double-edged sword. This presentation shows them how something they currently use every single day can be leveraged to put them on the road to success and cause major damage that can go viral within very little time.

Students will learn the do's and don'ts of social media in order to call the right attention, recognize warning signs and create links to their future career or entrepreneurial goals.


Students will walk away discovering:

  • How this one social media decision can damage their reputation instantly

  • What they must do before posting on social media ever again

  • How this phrase will change what they say on social media

  • The fastest way to brand their self and promote their talent

  • How to effectively and easily bring awareness to a heart centered cause

This is what your students must know to make the best decision and position them self for success with social media. Students exposed to this presentation often change the way they use social media.


Becoming A Better Version of You

When students make poor choices and deal with ugly consequences, we help them to understand that they can still be successful, achieve their goals and do great things in this world. The struggle comes when they shut down and make even more poor decisions. When the circumstances of their current situation contributes to their decision-making process, how do we intervene?

It starts by showing them that there's always a better version of ourselves waiting to be developed, along with giving them the tools to make it happen. This engaging presentation will teach your students about the impact of their choices and that all people are a work in progress, even those who've made bad decisions.

Students will walk away....

high school stiudents
  • Knowing the single most important question to ask yourself before making a choice

  • The biggest mistake students make that lead to poor decisions

  • Discovering the exact steps to becoming a better version of you

  • Learning the most effective way to bounce back from a bad choice

Your students will be impacted by this action-specific, high-energy presentation. They will be challenged to take action and moved to become a better version of themselves.

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