I don’t understand why everything has to be such a fight!” - Said the parents of every teenager in the world

If you’re ready to ditch this hormone-fueled roller coaster once and for all - keep reading:

Hi, I’m Rockell Bartoli your teen & young adult success coach and professional speaker. I help teens, just like yours, bust through obstacles holding them back from being happy, healthy and high achieving teens & young adults no matter how moody, disobedient, or lazy they act

 My 4 C’s to Success Pillars - Communication, Confidence, College & Career Planning and my signature 1:1 coaching programs are backed by several years of teaching and counseling young adults & teens in the digital age. I know what works now - with millennials. Let's get things started by Signing up for a free 30 minute consultation call today. Click here


How This All Works:

It’s super easy to start. Simply click the “Get Started” button. You’ll be redirected to my new client application form to schedule your free 30 minute consultation call. This will allow me to  answer all of your questions and ensure that we're a good fit.

From there we'll decide which coaching package is best for your teen and hit the ground running. 

With hard work and a true commitment, your teen will go from moody & impulsive to happy & responsible.  Leaving you screaming "I wish I found Rockell sooner!!!”


Scholarship Boot Camp

The rising cost of college is enough reason for many students to assume they can’t afford to go. Financial aid doesn’t always cover the full cost and no one loves student debt. So what do you do? Ditch the rat race, become a multiple scholarship recipient, avoid debt and tie up loose ends that would otherwise force your student to give up on the college of their dream.


College Prep Coaching:

Your teen knows she(he) wants to go to college but that’s it.  She doesn’t know where to go, how to apply, or what to do to increase the chances of her actually getting accepted.  Meanwhile your head’s spinning, heart’s sinking and stomach is flipping trying to figure out how to pay for it all. This coaching package is for both of you.  From identifying the perfect college to effectively applying and earning multiple scholarships - this package covers it all.  


Life After High School Coaching:

He's (she's) made it this far and now he's stuck. Whether he's about to graduate high school or graduated 4 years ago we'll work together, getting him moving forward in the right direction. “Talk about clarity!”  That's how he'll feel after our first call. He’ll know what he wants to do and how he's going to do it. He'll be held accountable for making those moves and showing up so he can live his dreams.


Communication Coaching:

If "I don't understand why everything has to be a fight" passes through your lips daily- this is for you. Communication is a two way street even though it feels like one right now. The three of us will work together, breaking down the barriers that stand between you and normal conversation with your teen. Not only does this program strengthen the relationship between you and your teen but its helps them express themselves to others including teachers, friends and co-workers. 


Selfies, Self-Awareness & Self-Confidence Coaching:

We'll develop a trusted relationship through our one-on-one sessions and dive deep to uncover why your teen is always dead-center in the middle of drama, making really poor decisions and getting involved in risky behavior. Your teen will experience “Aha” moments that will allow us to create an actionable game-plan. I will hold her accountable and help her to navigate this stage of her life and leave our time together with the tools she’ll need to stay on track. We'll connect, laugh and learn through skype if you're not local to Miami Florida.